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As we turn our attention away from baseball and toward hockey, it's time to take a moment to send condolences to fans who have lost their teams. But I can't do that without first noting a major change in the landscape of minor league hockey. The Central Hockey League has folded, and seven of its teams have been accepted into the ECHL. That leaves me with only three leagues to cover: the Tier I American Hockey League, the Tier II ECHL, and the Tier III Southern Professional Hockey League. Fifteen years ago, there were five Tier II leagues: the ECHL (still known at the time as the East Coast Hockey League), the Central Hockey League, the West Coast Hockey League, the Western Professional League, and the United Hockey League. Today, through a series of "mergers" (most of which were actually a case of one league folding and all of its teams joining another league), all of those leagues have been absorbed into the ECHL. With the exception of the WPHL, all of those leagues have at least one team playing in the ECHL.

But this was not the only change in the minor league hockey landscape. Teams folding, teams moving...it's a sad tradition, but it happens every year. Before folding the CHL had lost the Bloomington Blaze, St. Charles Chill, Arizona Sundogs, and Denver Cutthroats (the last two had only gone into suspended operations, but there's no indication that they have a place in the ECHL). The ECHL has lost the Las Vegas Wranglers (another suspension, I believe), and the San Francisco Bulls. Also in the ECHL, the Columbia Inferno, who had been listed as being in suspended operations since the summer of 2008, finally folded. In the SPHL, the Mississippi Surge are no more. The AHL did not lose any teams, but two relocated: the Adirondack Phantoms moved to Allentown PA to become the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, and the Abbotsford Heat moved into the Phantoms' old home to become the Adirondack Flames.

Our condolences to the fans of Abbotsford, Biloxi, Bloomington, Columbia, Denver, Las Vegas, Prescott Valley, San Francisco, and St. Charles.

"What's the Bush League Factor?" you may be thinking.

Basically, it's a not-too-serious attempt at quantifying how lousy some of the logos in minor league hockey and baseball are. Certain offenses have been catalogued -- cartoony logos, logos with irrelevant features in them (such as a bear in the logo for a team called the "Aces"), trendy and/or garish colors, and so forth. Each offense has been given a point value, and the scores have been added up.

Some people would say that I need to get a life, and they may be right, but until then I'm going to keep working on this.

Updates should come roughly once a week during the season...maybe more often, maybe less. Keep checking to see what I have to say. With every update one team (sometimes more if I'm feeling ambitious) will be spotlighted. Teams will be done in a seemingly random order (it isn't, but the exact order is left as an exercise to the reader).

Navigation is fairly straightforward. Look at the links on the left and click on the team or department you want to go to.

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